This 6x6 Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup Is An Unstoppable Dune-Crusher

gif: NSV Automotive/YouTube
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What’s the problem with the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G63 6x6s? The latter is far too fancy, while the former is, well, a Land Rover. The solution, naturally, is to buy a badass Toyota Land Cruiser 6x6 like this one. It might actually, you know, function.

Everyone knows the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series is one of the most badass off-roaders ever built. It’s supremely capable, extremely handsome, and perhaps most importantly, durable. Slap an extra axle under one, though, and the thing becomes irresistible to off-road types like myself. I may need to sell off a few vestigial organs.

The vehicle in this video, built by the UAE’s NSV Auto, in cooperation with Australia’s 6x6 kings, Multidrive Technologies, is a nearly 21 foot, 400 horsepower monster. Watch the behemoth play around in the sand and water:

The truck, which looks like a stretched version of a 70 Series Pickup with an extra axle, comes with a 398 horsepower, 364 ft-lb supercharged 4.0-liter V6 and a five-speed manual (like the gods intended), though a 4.5-liter turbodiesel and automatic are also available.


Coil springs do the suspending up front, while leaves keep the ass end off the ground. Here are a few more images of the beast:


Now to remove this liver.

h/t: Road and Track

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