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American muscle cars are great in a straight line, but they're ass in the corners. Right? Everyone says that, so it must be true, right? Not necessarily. Meet a car and its owner eager to prove that adage wrong.

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The latest video from Petrolicious highlights Bob Gough and his 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S. See, Gough is American, but as an Air Force brat he grew up in France where he learned to love European sports cars and look down on Detroit muscle.

But when he came home he fell in love with the Barracuda's styling, and this love became deeper when he discovered the Formula S braking and suspension package, which actually gave the car some decent handling qualities.


Oh, and it has a 340 ci V8 swapped from a later Barracuda with a few light mods so it puts out about 380 horsepower. His car can hang in the corners with the best of them, and when it gets on the straights, it's God Bless American Torque.

Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds.


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