This $65 Million Supercar Collection Is The Craziest We've Ever Seen

Ladies and gentlemen, the “Pinnacle Portfolio” is the largest and most valuable single-owner collection to ever be presented at auction. No kidding!

I guess RM Sotheby’s Auctions had to come up with something bigger after selling 78 cars from the Andrews Collection for a cool $54 Million. So they did.


Ridiculously rich people like to put together large car collections. Some might go a bit over the top, ending up with ninety cars like Jay Kay. Others have no taste at all, and only buy cars to show off their wealth like Floyd Mayweather. The Pinnacle Portfolio hides only 23 cars, but all of them are pretty special.

Let’s start with those going on sale without a reserve:


Real peasant’s cars indeed!

As for the rest, watch your head:


Holy checkbook!

You can only choose one. Go!

Photo credit: RM Sotheby’s


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