Your $600 Honda Civic Wagon Parts Car May Be Fun But Hoon It Responsibly

GIF via BoostedBoiz

What’s that, you drove to work today? Did you get to drop a gear when traffic opened up and make vroom-vroom sounds? That’s cute. Here’s a $600 Civic Wagon that looks like the most fun vehicle ever made. Let’s watch it ford puddles and fly.

This is the BoostedBoiz parts car: a $600 beater Honda Civic Wagon they bought to keep their primary Wagovan alive. It becomes an unlikely off-road star, a low-flying Civic Space Shuttle, a burnout machine, and most hilariously, a water gun.

Look at this thing. Marvel at its VTEC-powered burnouts. Chuckle at its cafeteria tray parking lot drifts. Giggle at their impromptu washing service and the well-deserved chewing out they got from a woman who didn’t appreciate it.

GIF via BoostedBoiz

If you’re not having this much fun with a car, dig some cash out of the couch cushions and go find a responsible location to do dumb things on four wheels.

Update (and disclaimer): As always, we recommend finding a safe, empty space for hoonage. Many of you pointed out that the street jump was inappropriate, and assuming it was just a brutal dip taken at normal road speeds was an oversight on my part. The title has been edited accordingly. Do hoon, but be smart about it.

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