This $31,900 Shelby-Dodge-Simca Mashup Goes Like Hell

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The Dodge Omni was not an exciting car. Interesting, maybe, with its FWD arrangement imported from Chrysler’s Simca over in Europe, but certainly not exciting. That all changed when Shelby got their hands on the car and turned it into the GLH-S, and if you’re looking for a way to feel what fast was like at Chrysler back in 1986, all you need is 32 large.

The Shelby GLH-S was launched in 1985, a full seven years after the first Omnis (and Plymouth Horizons) hit the American market. For some background on what the base car meant to Chrysler, and how it gets forgotten in the K-car’s shadow, have a look at this write-up from our friends at Curbside Classic.


Now, this isn’t the regular Omni GLH. That car came to market in 1984, with a 2.2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder under the hood along with stiffer suspension components, bigger brakes, and revised steering than the standard Omni. But that wasn’t enough for the market, so Chrysler and Shelby doubled down with the GLH-S.


The Shelby GLH-S, which wasn’t technically a Dodge anymore (No, seriously. It’s VINned as a Shelby), got even more attention than the GLH. On these cars, the 2.2 turbo was up to an advertised 170 horses and the car could reportedly hit 60 mph in 6.7 seconds. That’s Ferrari 308 territory in a front-wheel-drive hatch in 1986, in case you’re wondering what this car stacked up against.


The car in question here looks to be in impressive condition with a little less than 14,000 miles on the odometer according to sellers RK Motors Charlotte. That’s no small feat for a car built on this body. The Omni/Horizon was notorious for rusting and there aren’t that many out there. Have a listen to Mr. Regular explain how awe-inspiring it was to drive this car’s ‘85 Plymouth Horizon cousin in this day and age if you still need convincing. With some more power under the hood, this car is bound to be even more impressive for whoever takes it home.