This $247 Mitsubishi Beater Is Tougher Than Your Truck

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“This is a Mitsubishi! Obviously, this has got rally pedigree! It’s channeling its inner Evo.” This is exactly the excuse I use before doing something monumentally dumb in my Lancer, too. CarThrottle has its smaller European cousin and an off-road course, and of course it catches some sweet air.

The heroes at CarThrottle took their intrepid $247 beater Mitsubishi Space Star on an off-road course meant for the Can-Am Maverick X3 off-roader.

America never got the Space Star, and somewhere, a bald eagle is shedding a single, poetic tear because we’re clearly missing out.


While the Space Star does ultimately “die,” I don’t think it’s from a truly terminal issue. Send us the rest of the crapcan, guys. We’d like a hoon, too.

(We wouldn’t mind hooning that Maverick X3, either.)