This 2020 Volkswagen Golf Interior Teaser Is Suspiciously Lacking In Buttons

Photo: Volkswagen

As the official reveal of the 2020 Volkswagen Golf draws closer, Volkswagen’s been dropping teaser images for the car. We’ve already seen what it looks like from the outside, but here’s a glance at its inside.

Right away, you can tell the position of the infotainment screen has changed. It’s no longer beneath the vents, as it was in the previous Golf. It’s now stacked on top of everything, which is a style trend I find very annoying. The new Golf’s, however, is less egregious than others because it looks like at least some attempt was made to integrate it smoothly.


Unfortunately, that screen also looks like a touchscreen, so the little buttons and dials that came with the previous generation might get scrubbed altogether. “The new Golf is also a trendsetter in terms of its digitalised and connectivity-oriented interior world, its assisted driving features and its online-based functions and services,” a press release touts. “On the inside, fresh colours and fabrics define the look of the new compact model, as well as a new digital cockpit.”

Here’s the outgoing interior, just for reference:

Photo: Volkswagen

I like this! Plenty of knobs, button and switches to go around. What was so wrong with knobs, buttons and switches that they are disappearing faster than the ice caps?

Anyway, we’ll get to the see the new Golf in full very soon. Volkswagen tells us the reveal is scheduled for Oct. 24. Mark your calendars.

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