This 2020 Toyota Supra Is Much Torquier Than It's Supposed to Be

The birds are chirping, the sun is blazing, and my phone alarm is once again blaring that it is Friday–the time to talk cars.

This week on Car Time, Staff Writer Justin Westbrook and I talk about Car and Driver’s report that its 2020 Toyota Supra press car showed on a dyno that it was putting out a small bump in power and a noticeable rise in torque from Toyota’s claimed numbers, and we argue about whether four-door SUV “coupes” should be called coupes, and whether or not they should even exist.


Friends, if you’re an automotive terminology nerd like us, you’re going to have fun with this.


Let us know what your opinions on those SUV coupes, or if there’s anything special you’d like us to do or talk about in an upcoming episode. Oh, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

ex Jalopnik car boy, former social media editor.

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Dream Theater of the Absurd

Showing my age here, but....

Is it just me, or does Westbrook look like Messy Marvin?