No, Toyota, Even BB King Cannot Make The Camry Cool

Toyota wants you to believe that buying the new 2015 Camry will make you "bold." You keep using that word, Toyota, but I don't think you know what it means. The Camry will not make you "bold" nor will you find B.B. King's guitar.

I get that the mid-size sedan marketplace is one of the most competitive segments around. But to me advertising the Camry is like advertising Coca-Cola. It's a somewhat pointless venture. You either drink Coke or you don't, you are either a Camry driver or you are not.


Now, the Camry takes a lot of flak here at Jalopnik and not because it's a bad car. It is a perfectly fine car for what it is designed to do, which is to provide reliable, fuel-efficient, and relatively comfortable transportation.

The Camry is not for people who want a car, but rather a transportation module. Toyota knows their Camry is boring and every generation they try to convince us otherwise, by telling us the car is "grounded to the ground" or "bold."

I know they pay their ad people a ton of money to make these ads, but all they really need is a picture of the new one with the message, "Is it time for a new Camry? We still make it."

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