This 2000 Acura Integra Type R On Bring A Trailer Is Another Dark Sign Of The Times

A $110,000 Integra is the world we now live in, and it's only going to get worse

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Photo: Bring a Trailer

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but there is currently a 2000 Acura Integra Type R for sale on Bring a Trailer with bidding already over $110,000. And there are still three days left on the clock.

If it sells without receiving one more bid, it will still have beat out the next-most expensive Integra Type R to be listed on BaT by nearly $30,000.

But again, this isn’t surprising. It’s honestly par for the course in the used car hellscape we now live in, and I hardly doubt this will last terribly long as the new BaT Integra Type R price champ.


But let’s dive into it. What makes this Integra so special that someone would decide they don’t want an NSX instead?

Well, for starters — and this is probably the biggest reason — this Type R has just 6,649 miles on its odometer. That means the car’s single owner has pretty much wasted this car for the past 21-ish years. Though, maybe not, because they’re in for an enormous payday.

The car also comes in what is arguably the Type R’s most sought after color, Phoenix Yellow, so that’s a nice little bonus.

The car has lived its entire life in Connecticut, which I’d usually say is bad in terms of creating a rust problem, but for the life of me I cannot imagine this car saw wet weather — or any weather for that matter. The thing has done less than 400 miles per year.


Taking a look at the seller’s photos and video, you can tell this car was meticulously looked after during their ownership. It’s about as close to a showroom0fresh Integra Type R as you can get in 2022.

So, I guess if you want to pony up the $140- or $150,000 it will probably take to buy this car, then go right ahead. But odds are, someone is going to list an even lower mile and more yellow Integra Type R next week, which will cost even more money. Just don’t be surprised, because this is the world we now all have to live in.