This 1990 Corvette ZR-1 Has Only 350 Miles

Photo: Craigslist
Photo: Craigslist

I might get some flak for this but I truly believe the 4th generation Corvette is the best generation. Sure it had barely 200-horsepower out of a wheezing V8 when it debuted in 1984 but it also had pop-up head lights, saw blade wheels and looked like a shovel with t-tops.


In 1990 Chevy decided to debut the first ever Corvette ZR-1. This new performance package included modified suspension and an entirely new engine built by Mercury Marine that made 375 horsepower. The ZR-1 competed against the likes of Porsche and Lamborghini. It was a big fiberglass Vaporwave wedge and I still think it looks great today.

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Some automotive hero in the Chicago area purchased a ZR-1 new in 1990 and decided to stow it away, racking on 350 miles on the odometer. That’s one mile for every cubic inch of its Chevy LT5 V8. Now it’s up for sale. For $39,900, this perfect ZR-1 can be yours. Nearly 40 grand is a lot of money for a 27 year old Corvette and you can buy a much newer one for around the same price but that’s the price you pay for a time capsule of classic 90s design. The seller also notes that it comes with all the original paperwork.

What do you think? Is the price too high for this ZR-1 or is it just too rad to resist?

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Rule 1 - Newer is more gooder.

Rule 2 - Any old car that hasn’t been driven will cost thousands to make drivable.

CP even though we’re not doing that right now. Only NP if going in the living room.