This 1985 Chrysler Crapbox Got Turned Into A Pretty Nice Pickup Truck

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You know how the saying goes; where there’s a will, there’s a way to turn some wacky old sedan into a pickup truck. And this guy’s ’85 Chrysler 5th Avenue “truck conversion” actually came out remarkably well.


Seriously; the lines on this thing are tidy. It almost looks like an earnest near-luxury competitor to the era’s Chevy El Camino. I love the way the builder tucked where the rear window would have been into the back of the “cab.”

The original V8 engine looks pretty much untouched and clean as a nun’s porn stash. Interior’s well-kept too, I really dig all those dials on the factory dashboard.


That would have been a two-barrel carbureted 5.2 liter under the hood rated to 140 horsepower thirty years ago.


This car was supposed to weigh about 3,600 pounds before the back half was removed. Call it, what, 3,300 now? Should help the car get out of its own way a little quicker. How much payload do you think it could handle?


A neat little dealership out in Illinois wants $9,000 for it, which, well, I guess something’s worth whatever somebody will pay for it.

I’d personally be more tempted by this “real” pickup on their lot for $1,000 less, but we do love an opportunity to shout out some backyard-mechanic’s ingenuity.


Hat tip to Cody! Images via Country Classic Cars

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