Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Do you want that poster child Countach to get off of your wall and into your life? Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 'Lambo' may not be the real deal underneath, but is its price a real steal?

Well, it may not have driven your daddy to drinkin' but a lot of you still couldn't get enough of yesterday's Hot Rod Lincoln. Yeah, there were some dissenters, but but for the 52% who voted it a win, both the car and its price were sufficiently phat.


Are you tired of rich people having all the fun? With all the talk these days of the one percent, and how like 17 people control all the world's money, it kind of makes you a little jealous of what the haves have when you don't have squat.

Well, be a have-not no-more because as it turns out, you don't actually have to be rich in order to appear rich. That's right, there are plenty of fake Rolexes, single-serving cat foods, and spray-on 'I don't have to work for a living' tans to go around, so what are you waiting for?


A good place to start would be this faux Lamborghini Countach. The real deal can cost hundreds of thousands to purchase, and a buttload additionally to maintain. This one? It's comparable to about a year at a state University, and you can get parts for it at the Pep Boys.


The ad for this 1984 Countach says that it rocks an authentic Lamborghini body - and the seller has papers to prove it. I'm guessing that the papers have 'authentic Lamborghini body' written on them.

Actually, I think that means that it's fiberglass and was splashed off of an actual Countach rather than being aircraft-grade aluminum hand beaten by a guy named Marco whose daily lunch typically consists of a Barolo and hunk of Asiago.


Regardless of its provenance, it sure looks like the real deal, right down to the iconic, and totally useless rear wing. It's close enough at least that the Romney 2016 campaign will try to hit you up for donations. Of course that also means you'll have to learn how to back up by sitting side-saddled out the open door, because that's just how rich Countach-owners roll.


Much like America itself, underneath the veneer of prosperity there lies a plebeian Fiero chassis. That's not such a bad thing, and at least this Countach isn't saddled with an Iron Puke. Instead it apparently sports a crate SBC in your standard 350 cubic inch displacement form.

That means that not only does it look the part but it also should be quick enough to outrun all those moochers asking for spare change and medicines for their babies. You haven't got time for that, you've got elbows to rub and lessors to look down upon, right?


Speaking of looking down, what's up with that one headlight raised in all the pics? Is there something about the pop-up actuation that the seller isn't telling us? As it is, the car looks like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky before Burgess Meredith has to cut him.

A Stallone Countach is of course even more rare and hence valuable, so perhaps the wonky light is actually a plus. See, rich people always know how to spot money making opportunities!


The interior is a mixture of Fiero, Lamborghini, and the sensibility of that 12-year old kid with the Countach poster on his bedroom wall. The leather looks okay, as does the Countach-esque dashboard. The pedal covers however, along with the TV in the dash, and the garish speaker grilles will cause the valet at the Club to question the owner's taste, and that's not something you ever want to have the help do.


Let's help out the seller of this Fieroghini and let him know if his pricing acumen is comparable to his car. The ad says $25,000 is the asking price, and just for comparison, that's about what an engine rebuild would cost for a real Countach. What do you think about that price for this pretty righteous fake? Is that an amount that should have a new owner posing with this beauty? Or is that price too rich for your blood?

You decide!


Central Michigan Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Mark McIntosh for the hookup!

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