This 1971 Porsche Is the Final Form of Fancypants Automotive Aesthetic

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Screenshot: Petrolicious (YouTube)

This clean, classic, vintage, air-cooled, fair trade, organic Porsche named “Frisco” is pretty much a cocktail of everything that’s Cool Right Now in high-end car culture. Behold the subtle earthtones, tasteful application of chrome and deliberately placed leather straps.

The intensely artful cinematography of Petrolicious can be a little over the top, but you can’t deny that it looks damn good. So is this 1971 Porsche 911T, sprayed in a unique shade of grayish green and wearing an adorably hipster luggage bag as a hat.


I mean come on, it’s perfect.

It also has a pretty interesting origin story, as told by owner Andre Bezuidenhout in the video and recounted on Petrolicious. Apparently Bezuidenhout bought it in the ’90s to go racing. At some point it got wrecked, ended up back on the road (the opposite order of how race car projects usually happen), and in the possession of a new owner.

Years later, Bezuidenhout went to see about a ’71 Porsche for sale and after recognizing a distinctive “clicking” sound when opening the door, realize he was looking at the very same car he had had years prior.

These days it sounds like Mr. Bezuidenhout is doing pretty well for himself–he describes shipping the car all over the world to go on little touring vacations with his wife, which pretty much sounds like the ultimate automotive situation.

Well, you’ve got to have some love for a car this pretty that actually gets exercised.

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This is the opposite of ‘zero f**** given’. So many eff’s were given, that it is over-the-top in how exacting its packaging is, and none of it feels like it’s meant to suit the owner, but to impress everyone else who sees it.

This is how rich auto enthusiasts take selfies.