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I have this fantasy where I get some type of massive windfall and purchase one of my dream cars, a Singer 911. At over $300,000 those masterpieces are out of reach for most buyers. However, this modified 1970 911E from with a current bid of $25,000 will give you the look (sort of) for less.


This car with only 30,305 miles comes from our friends over at Bring A Trailer on their auctions page -

This 1970 Porsche 911E was found as a partially finished RS-style project two years ago. The seller has since spent considerable time and money finishing the RS/Outlaw style build to his personal taste, and he says the finished result is a fast, great handling, reliable and very fun driver. Exterior touches include a Carrera RS ducktail and grille, custom speedster mirrors, and new euro H4 headlights. Power comes from a fuel injected 3.0L SC motor running aluminum Turbo style valve covers, a free-flow air filter and performance exhaust, which the seller says makes this feel noticeably quicker than a stock SC...


Some folks might not care for the mishmash of modern and retro mods, but this Porsche still has a great street presence and hopefully the bidding will keep the numbers reasonable.

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