This 1968 VW Type 2 Pickup Has Perfect Patina

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Rust sometimes makes a car look just a tad better. It gives the car a bit of personality and this 1968 VW Type 2 pickup on Craigslist is no exception. I think it’d actually look a little more mundane if all the paint was in order.

The combination of the big, goofy tires and the dropside bed walls makes this VW look really cool. Imagine rolling up to Home Depot and parking a 50 year-old rusty German pickup next to all the pristine F-150s. I’m not sure that’s worth the $14,500 price tag but given how rare Type 2 pickups are, it can’t be too far off.


According to the seller, the car has lived in Arizona most of its life and is equipped a newly built 1903cc motor. The seller also notes that the transaxle has been updated and the wheels are (obviously) not stock. The interior is rough but that’s to be expected for what looks to be a well-driven car.


It seems like a good portion of the Jalopnik staff has a VW somewhere and if I wasn’t all the way across the country, I might at least take a look at the Type 2 pickup.

The full auction can be found here.