This 1965 Rupp Dart Kart Recalls a More Elegant Era of Go Karting

Karting is one of those things that we love at Jalopnik, despite being terrible at it. I know I’m damn slow. If I’m going to lose and embarrass myself in front of far faster drivers, I might as well look good doing it. Which is why this fully restored 1965 Rupp Dart Kart being offered with no reserve on Bring A Trailer is so appealing.


Old ads from the 1960s shows this kart as originally offered in as black, red and blue, but no gold. Luckily the person who rehabbed this awesome little machine had a glitzy moment of divine inspiration.

Look at that wonderfully-trimmed seat bolstering. There are $50,000 cars on sale today that are less classy than this. And look at those classic, minimalist lines. It’s a work of art. 

This gilded pleasure kraft is scooted along by a 206cc single-cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine pumping out five horsepower. The current owner says the engine and fuel tank is from the ‘70s and has probably never run.

That’s a crying shame. At the time of this writing there are still 10 hours to put your bid in on this go kart and right that terrible wrong by driving the hell out of this go kart. Drive it better than I would. It deserves that much.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.


I already got hell for saying this to some friends when I first saw that BaT listing, but I’ll say it again:
It’s dumb to pay a premium for a ‘vintage racing kart’ because there’s no such thing. They still make karts just like this today. You can still get the same engine, same tires, same drum brake, same solid axle, steering wheel, seat. It’s all there.

Lot’s of people in the comments on that listing talking about nostalgia- Great!! ...Just buy one.

Here, I googled one. Swap the offroad tires and you end up with something very similar to the BaT one.