This 100 MPG Honda Is The World's Most Efficient Wagon

The European Honda Civic Tourer comes with a 13.2 gallon fuel tank, and this shiny example just set a new world record by covering an average of 100.31 miles per gallon over 8,387 miles.

Remember when getting 830 miles out of 13.2 gallons of diesel was a big deal?


Well, it still is, but Honda went further with their 1.6 diesel wagon, which is by default more aerodynamic than an Audi A3.

Driven by two members of Honda’s European Research & Development team, Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren, the Civic Tourer covered 8,387 miles in a 25 day drive across all 24 EU contiguous countries under the watchful eyes of the Guinness inspectors:

Under the rules the same two drivers must be in the car for the whole journey, giving Fergal and Julian the challenge of driving an average of approximately 380 miles, taking around 7.5 hours, each day.

The title attempt required the car to enter each of the 24 countries specified, collecting a range of evidence including a fuel/mileage logbook, GPS readings, video and photographs and independent witness signatures to prove that it has done so. To ensure accurate monitoring of the route, journey time and distance driven, the record car was fitted with a tracking device.

Under the rules of the record title attempt the car must be a standard model in every respect, with no modifications to create an advantage, to replicate ‘real world’ conditions. This was judged by independent witnesses at the beginning and end of the attempt. Fuelling was carried out at regular filling stations, with the tank filled to the maximum at each stop to ensure no weight advantage. Additionally, tires were inflated to the recommended pressures and the wheel alignment set to factory specification to represent the experience of the regular customer.

In order to record an average 100.31 miles per imperial gallon over those 8,387 miles, the pair had to do some clever route planning, drive smoothly and get rid of all unnecessary weight.


Sounds easy, but just ask Jason how hard that is to do out in the wild.

Diesel wagons. I hate to say we told you so!


Photo credit: Honda


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