Think You're Faster Than A Jalopnik Writer? Come Race Us In New York!

Photos: Brian Williams
Photos: Brian Williams

Many of you have begged for a chance to destroy your favorite Jalopnik contributor in a head-to-head race but have been unwilling, for some reason, to travel to Detroit in January. Great news! We’re having a kart race October 23rd at Autobahn Indoor Speedway (AIS) at the Palisades Mall outside of NYC. RSVP here, race us, support a good cause. Details below.


Jalopnik and AIS are pleased to invite you to another installment of Are You Faster Than A Jalopnik Writer, this time at the AIS track in West Nyack, New York just outside of the city. The event will be on October 23rd and if you buy a ticket you’ll get a guaranteed practice session, qualifying event, and if you’re fast enough a race against the best readers/writers we’ve got.

There will also be food and drink and hanging out all for $55.

But that’s not all! AIS will also be donating 50% of your ticket price to the RPM Foundation, which is a services-providing, resource-sharing, grant-giving organization that accelerates the growth of the next generation of automotive restoration and preservation craftsmen through formal training and mentorship.

More on that in an upcoming post!


  • What: A go-kart race in super fast carts with your favorite writers and fans!
  • Where: Autobahn Indoor Speedway in West Nyack
  • When: October 23rd from 5 PM to 9 PM
  • How: RSVP here, a ticket is $55.
  • Why: Because it’ll be fun and support a good cause.


Bob Sorokanich