Think Toyotas Are Boring? How About a V12 Luxury Toyota?

Our friends over at Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine went to the motherland recently and were kind enough to drop by the Toyota showroom and send us these photos of the latest Toyota Century luxury sedan. Is this thing a Yakuza enforcermobile or what? Make the jump to see the expanded gallery and read what JNC editor Ben Hsu has to say about the Century.

The Century is Toyota's flagship sedan, and if you hang out in the uber-frou-frou Ginza district after business hours the place is crawling with them. The Imperial family has also been known to floss them. The model began life in 1967, has only undergone one redesign ever - in 1997 - and looks exactly the same as it did on day one. The car is so highly regarded and exclusive that Toyota has an entire 5.0L V12 that's used only in this one model. Of course, that doesn't stop the hoons. When we went to visit Top Secret Tuning to do an article on their 1975 Celica, they had a twin-turbo V12 producing 1000hp stuffed into a Supra with an elongated nose. In fact, they had two of them.

We have more photos of cool JDM-only cars sent in by the JNC guys, so check in later for more!


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