Things Go From Bad To Worse To JFC For Rally Driver

There’s little more fun that getting your hands on a normal road car, prepping it for a rally and getting to send it—oh shit oh shit oh no this has not gone well.


Rallye Mag spotted this intrepid Citroën pilot out in Poland clipping a curb and straight up ejecting the rear axle from the car.


It looks like everyone made it out of this ok, and I’m honestly surprised at how cleanly that rear suspension came out. It’s like it was a quick-release.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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And this is precisely why I don’t like hooning cars on public roads. Curbs are bad and do bad things to cars.

I realize these were probably closed roads for a race, which is cool. I’m not saying he was driving recklessly on public roads, I’m just pointing out the menace that curbs are to cars.