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Things Go From Bad To Worse To Arrested For Nissan 240SX Street Racer

Brian Casteel was out driving Tuesday night in Billings, Montana, when he noticed two cars revving their engines at a stop light. A few seconds after the light turned green, the cars took off before one of them quickly lost control, slamming into a curb. Five minutes after that, the driver was in handcuffs.


The cars in question appear to be a Nissan 240SX and a Volkswagen Jetta GLI. KULR spoke to Casteel, who told them he was sharing the video with the media because, “Racing around Billings anywhere is an out of control problem.”

More from KULR:

While it’s difficult to see from the camera because of glare, Casteel says he observed both drivers nodding at one another before both cars pull away.


Casteel then followed the driver as he pulled into a nearby parking lot. An exchange takes place off camera, In a second clip, timed about five minutes later, Casteel says he approached the same driver and vehicle this time on Yellowstone Ave and 16th Street. It appears the driver is complying with police instructions during a roadside stop.

The officer also appears to pull a gun on the driver, which seems like a bit much!


The old 240SX has a reputation for being a sports car for beginners, given that it’s still relatively cheap in spite of high demand for budget drift cars for a fair number of years now. Certainly, this driver could use more experience going quick in rear-wheel drive; after that first overcorrection following the wheel spin, he was toast.

One more thing: We’ve documented before why street racing is insanely stupid. This is more evidence!

News Editor at Jalopnik. 2008 Honda Fit Sport.

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