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Thieves Take Several Bikes From Keith Richards' Collection

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Keith Richards, member of the perennially touring Rolling Stones, shown here above practicing kickstarting his various enduros, has been confirmed as the victim of grand theft moto. Six of Uncle Keef’s motorbikes, many of them rare and vintage, were removed from his Redlands estate in West Wittering. The break-in took place sometime after dark on Monday the 25th of February, according to the Chichester police on Facebook.


The bikes, including a white 1981 KTM 495, a red 1981 Maico 490, a red 1977 Maico 400, a 2011 Husaberg 390, a 2013 Beta 300 Evo, and a GasGas 300 Enduro, are not exactly run-of-the-mill. It doesn’t seem wise to steal multiple rare bikes from a very wealthy and well known music icon, but hey, I guess I’m not a bike thief.

I have a hard time picturing the 75-year-old guitarist actually riding any of these wild off-road machines, but who am I to judge. He survived all of that other shit, what’s to say he isn’t invincible?


If you hear anything about Keith’s stolen bikes, ring the Chichester rozzers and make sure you reference case number 0177 26/2.

Via: Rideapart