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Thieves Smash Bugatti Chiron With Hammers in London

Two thieves on mopeds smashed at the side of a Bugatti Chiron driving through central London on Sunday.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Two screenshots showing a moped rider attacking a Bugatti in London.
Screenshot: Watch_Crime_Ldn

Two thieves riding mopeds were filmed smashing and hacking at the windows of a Bugatti Chiron as it drove through central London this weekend. British news outlet LBC reports that the pair were attempting to steal the driver’s watch.

Footage circulating on social media this weekend showed two people riding mopeds in traffic. The pair were armed with what looks like two hammers, and one was dressed as a delivery rider for the Deliveroo service. The pair smash and hack at the window and side panels on the Bugatti Chiron as it sits in traffic.


LBC reports that the driver of the car was Abdullah F. Al Basman from Kuwaiti. Before the attackers could break through the window to get to him, Al Basman hit the gas and sped away from the moped riders. According to LBC:

“The Met confirmed it is investigating a report of a robbery that is alleged to have happened in Curzon Street, Mayfair, shortly before 5pm on Sunday. A man aged in his 40s reported being assaulted by two men who stole his watch.

“Officers said they are also aware of video appearing to show an attempted robbery nearby on Park Lane at around the same time of the incident, which they believed to be linked.”


The pair were believed to be targeting Al Basman’s watch, after a similar attack took place in the capital on Saturday.

Autoevolution reports that the driver of the Bugatti was wearing a platinum Rolex Daytona watch at the time of the attack. The watch was reportedly worth more than $130,000. The site adds:

“A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told the local media that a similar incident happened in the area earlier that day, when two men fitting the description stole a watch from another victim.”

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with either the attack on the Bugatti Chiron or the earlier robbery. Al Basman was uninjured in the incident.