They're Selling Winch Mounts For Subarus Now

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We’ve been watching the overland trend – kitting out cars for camping safaris – build a lot of momentum in 2019. A sidebar to that has been the rising popularity of Subarus as adventure vehicles. I mean, why not. But also, it’s kind of funny.


Warn, a well-established off-road outfitter and probably the best-respected brand name in winches, the likes of which are typically seen mounted on hardcore off-road trucks and SUVs, now sells a mount for this mighty recovery tool specifically for the Subaru Crosstrek.

Practically speaking, saddling a Crostrek with the weight of all the accessories that car in the photograph above seems a little nutty to me. I’m sorry, Crosstrek fans, but these cars are comically slow before a few hundred pounds of accessories get bolted on. I cannot imagine how one would get out of its own way with all-terrain tires and a loaded roof rack.

Then again, my off-roaders are all slow too and we still manage to have a good time.

I’m not here to hate on off-road Subarus; some of my best friends drive sedans with overly aggressive dirt tires! Yeah, no, I actually do like the idea of using a versatile and efficient platform like a compact all-wheel drive wagon and sprucing it up with fun accessories.

I’m just observing that the exploding off-road Subaru aftermarket scene, beyond the rally world which has been around for ages, is evidence of a clearly growing automotive subculture. And the existence of this winch mount in particular, from such a mainstream manufacturer, feels like a milestone for the movement.


Congratulations, hard-working Subaru adventuremobiles. You’ve Arrived.

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**Off topic but why do pickup trucks get so much grief from the Jalops for their lack of use/practicality/appropriateness when I seem to see more outrageously kitted (Mud terrains, stupid farm jacks on the hood, Tepui tents etc) overlanders and Jeeps that have clearly never been on anything gnarlier than a gravel road that get similar fuel economy, have worse interior packaging and drive far worse on road in comparison to trucks?

Seems like an F150 that is used to haul mulch and the boat 2 times a year is still used more than the locking diffs and sway bar disconnects in the average rubicon sitting in the CrossFit parking lot.