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It seems like everyone is buying crossovers, but you, fine Jalopnik readers, aren’t a faceless member of the CUV-hungry hordes. You are a hot-blooded human being. You want a wagon. Something that handles like a sedan, but with enough room to really let your friends stretch out. And if you shop carefully, you can score some big discounts off your favorite longroof.


Here is a sampling of some serious wagons with big discounts. If you can’t find prices like these from your local stores it’s worth looking nationwide for a dealer that is willing to offload their inventory at a more enticing price.

While the current BMW 3 Series is in need of a refresh and has been eclipsed by the all new Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class, the Sportwagon version of BMW’s perennial compact car is still worth it. You can score a current 2017 BMW 330i Sportwagon for up to $9,000 off MSRP.

Mercedes doesn’t sell a longroof version of the C-Class here in the States, but it will sell us the larger E-Class wagon. Now that the all new E300 Wagon has hit the lots, dealerships are throwing big discounts on any 2016 which is still a fine and luxurious wagon.


Perhaps you prefer your wagons with a Scandinavian flair. I bet more than a few of you grew up in a carpool with at least one Volvo wagon. The current V60 didn’t quite hit the same chord with buyers as the classic brick, which means that there are still 2015 models sitting around with upwards of $12,000 off the sticker price.


Now if you prefer your Volvo on the spicy side, 2016 V60 Polestars are available at almost $7,000 off.


Okay, I get it, all of these deals are great but most of you would prefer something a bit more affordable. I got you covered. How about numerous Volkswagen SportWagens and Alltracks at what seem to be a “too good to be true” prices under $20,000.


I’ll also mention, for those of you that still consider the Subaru Outback a wagon, there are deals on those as well. Subaru dealers won’t go as deep as the Europeans, but you should be able to land one well under invoice with some good negotiations.

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