These Two Classic Sports Cars Made Modern Supercars Possible

In the 1970s and ‘80s, many cars lost power and performance due to the oil crisis and emissions controls. However, during that time, Porsche and Ferrari made two legendary machines that laid the groundwork for their most popular nameplates—the 959 and the 365 GT4 BB.


The folks over at Evo got their hands on some amazing German and Italian hardware, some of which will soon be up for auction if you have a boatload of money to spend.

There was a time when Porsche thought the 911's days were numbered. The automaker had plans to replace the iconic sports car with the front-engined 928. Thankfully, that never happened, because Porsche engineers set out to make the ultimate expression of the 911 using Group B racing rules: the 959.

After Lamborghini dropped the mic with the absolutely bonkers Countach, Ferrari had to answer. While the 365 GT4 BB, didn’t make it onto as many bedroom posters, the mid-engined layout gave Ferrari the blueprint for many of the prancing horse cars we love today.

I once saw what I think was a 959 down here at the Jersey Shore parked briefly at some run-down marina. It was only a moment, but it was amazing. What’s your experience with these amazing machines?

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Just casually parked in the parking lot of the IMSA race last week:

Most people walked right on by.