These Porsche-Inspired Socks Are The Flair You Need For Your Next Cars And Coffee


Striipe Design (with two i’s for a double dose of hipster) is a brand new sock company selling foot wrappers with automotive pattern design. These were designed with the German car cognoscenti in mind, as the patterns chosen would not be recognized by your average office cohabitant. They’re a semi-secret way to wear your car nerd on your sleeve, but stylish enough that you’ll get compliments on them from people who don’t know the secret meaning behind the pattern.

Most of their current line of product are Porsche-inspired, with three different colors of Pascha and houndstooth in two colorways. It’s not all Porsche, however, as some motorsport livery socks can be attributed to multiple brands, and one is explicitly evocative of Volkswagen’s MK1 GTi. Perhaps my favorite is the properly anorak pair with Pirelli’s famous ‘tetris-tread’ Cn36 design socks (below). Chances are pretty high that we’ll see hundreds of pairs at Luftgekühlt later this month.


Striipe is a new brand (launched two days ago) from Eric Horton, a car fanatic in the California Bay Area with plenty of foot-related design experience as creative director of bike gear company Giro. I haven’t got my hands on a pair yet, but I ordered the two pictured here. The catch is that these socks are not cheap at $20 for a pair. If you’re inclined to get yourself a pair, Eric is offering a 20% discount with the code FANDF20 used at checkout.

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