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The average Craigslist "for sale" post comes with images that look like they were taken by near-sighted meth addict using a broken cameraphone. But these gorgeous images of an impeccable 1973 BMW Euro 3.0CSi? We think you wanted Jameslist.

1973 BMW Euro 3.0CSi. No sunroof, no AC. Imported from Italy in 1985 by Hardy and Beck in Berkeley, CA. California BAR certified. Owned and serviced by Hardy and Beck employees until about 2003. Receipts all the way back to the Italian government releasing the car.


This car is not original, it isn't perfect, it isn't for everyone. It's modified tastefully and is an excellent driver. Lots of power, completely reliable, and beautiful. It's the one car I said I'd never sell but changes in my life and plans for the future make it a necessary sacrifice. $25,000 OBO. Please email me for more info. Thank you.

No, Ryan, thank you. And thanks to B2dp for taking the photos. Now someone buy this beauty.

(Hat tip to StockCarWilly!)