I think each and every one of us has lusted after a classic SUV like a Ford Bronco or an old-school Jeep or Land Cruiser at some point. They're only about a billion times cooler than the cushy, leather-filled, automatic climate control-having soccer mom mobiles that pass for SUVs today.

The problem is, it's such a hassle to find and own one today, you know? You have to get on the Internet, search for one that hasn't been hooned to death, and then go out and buy it. The whole process could take hours, and it sounds exhausting. It's way easier to just print them out and build them out of paper yourself.


And now, thanks to the online store Paper Cruiser, you can do exactly that. They have a great assortment of old school and contemporary trucks and SUVs, including a bunch of Land Cruisers, Jeep wagons and even a Ford Raptor SVT. I can get behind those things.

All of them are available for less than 10 bucks, so they're cheap, too. There's even a couple of Rambler wagons available for free. You should check it out, and if you end up putting one together, post a picture in the comments.

What car would you like as a mini-paper model?


Photos credit Paper Cruiser

Hat tip to Daniel!

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