Yes, those are factory seats for a VW Golf. They're possibly the coolest, weirdest, wildest seats I've ever seen in a production car.


You're looking at the special 'Otmar Alt' edition of the Mk. III VW Golf. If you're wondering what this Otmar Alt business is, the guy is a German artist whose art looks just like those seats. You can see more of his work on his wiki right here. Apparently his motto was 'Art that you have to explain is boring (Kunst die man erklären muss ist langweilig),' which are nice words to live by.

And also a good mantra for designing some incredibly amazing car seats that completely put every other interior design to shame. Everything else is dull now. Paganis start to look a little stern. Spykers come across as a little unimaginative.

As far as I can tell, 1000 of these things were made, at least going by this source, and none came Stateside. You had to get it as a two-door and you basically got those sweet 15-inch BBS wheels, some stickers, some GTI-style trim, and that amazing interior.


Thank you VW for making this. And shame on you for not making it standard worldwide rather than reserved for a limited edition model in 1997.

Photo Credits: VW