The host of the channel concludes that you could modify Harbor Freight dollies to work, but it would take several hours and if you bought a quality unit from the jump you wouldn’t have to deal with his problems.


A somewhat inexpensive option is the WEN Tools DL6004 for $165 a pair. These are the kind you jack up a car and slide them under. They support 1,500 pounds per dolly and seem to be well-reviewed so long as you aren’t trying to move too much weight with them.

Eastwood sells a four-piece set of the kind that lifts the car up onto the dolly by itself. That one is $290 and holds 1,300 pounds each dolly, but it should be noted that they’re out of stock until March 12.


You can really find these for a bunch of different price ranges with different features. Be sure to check reviews to make sure they actually work.

Do you have a set of these? How helpful are they around the garage for you?