Image credit: AP

Hurricane Harvey is still running Texas through the ringer, with even more rain expected for Gulf coast states in the forecast. The storm has already dumped 11 trillion gallons of water in just a few days, according to CNN. At least nine people have lost their lives in the storm, and Houston’s mayor fears more may be dead in his distressed city according to the Associated Press.

It’s not just homes and businesses that are being swept away by storm surges. Roadways are also choked with debris and underwater, hampering rescue efforts. Infrastructure is paralyzed. Such damage is going to be expensive to fix as well. WNYC spoke to Chuck Watson, an expert in the economic impact of natural disasters. Watson told the radio station that the clean up could cost upwards of $30 billion.


“In Houston you’re going to have street signs, traffic lights, traffic signals, road damage, culverts, a tremendous amount of public infrastructure damage, and of course, there’s no insurance. That just comes right out of the taxpayers,” Watson told WNYC.

Here are some images from the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey.