I'm a sucker for hopelessly retro pictures of desert racing, and these shots scratch that itch. Only they were taken on Monday.

That is, they were taken on January 6, 2014, near the Dunes of Nihuil in Argentina. They show the second day of the 2014 Dakar, though they look more like they escaped out of someone's file cabinet locked since the '70s.

They were all shot by Dean Mouhtaropoulos for Getty Images and then digitally processed to look much older. There's no reason why I should like these pictures as much as I do. If I want to see what the Dakar looked like in decades past, vintage pictures are all readily available. Still, I can't help but like 'em.

[Dario Julio De Souza of Brazil for Honda Brasil]


[Mart Meeru of Estonia for Honda HT Rally Raid]

[Orlando Terranova of Argentina and Paulo Fiuza of Portugal in the MINI for Monster Energy X-Raid Team]


[Philippe Prunier of France for Yamaha Prunier Philippe jumps through a wall of fans]


[Ignacio Casale of Chile for Yamaha Ignacio Casale]

[Krzysztof Holowczyc and Konstantin Zhiltsov of Poland in the MINI for Monster Energy X-Raid Team]


And if you're wondering what the toughest race in the world looks like without the filters, have no fear. It's just as stunning.

Photo Credits: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images