Because car culture and mainstream culture intersect so often in movies, they can create a stellar opportunity for those normally unaffiliated with the love of the cult of cars to get a little taste of our gearhead obsession.

So when Alex at Auto Blog found graphic artist Kevin Henry's brilliant series of minimalist posters celebrating some of the greatest movie and television vehicles of all time, I knew I must own at least one. I ended up buying five of them.


And why wouldn't I? Each poster is a take on a different movie and different vehicle — from a Ferrari that makes unemployment easier to cartoon cab-over trucks that throw away their lives so recklessly to space ships that fly by your command. Hell, there's even a set of stairs that'll make any Bluth family member watch out for hop-ons.

And not only are they gorgeous, they're cheap — only ten bucks per 11.25" x 17.25" poster. Seriously, I just bought these five:

Freightliner Cab-over
The Bandit
DeLorean Time Machine
Advanced Firebird

Head here to order your favorites and tell us in the comments below which ones you bought. (Hat tip to Alex!)

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