These 'Diecast Rally Championship' Videos Are Way Too Good

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Screenshot: 3Dbotmaker (YouTube)

Somebody’s painstakingly built a beautiful race track for toy cars here. But, you’ve probably seen one of those before. What makes the Diecast Rally Championship (DRC, if you will) videos unique: Comically high production values, sound effects–hell, stop reading my synopsis and look at this hilarious nonsense.

The YouTube channel 3Dbotmaker has a whole bunch of these goofy toy car racing videos and I think they’re pretty wonderful. Just pure, wholesome, small-scale fun. The deadpan commentary and remarkably decent skidding and crashing sound effects come together to give us pretty great videos.

The person behind this clearly has good taste in cars and an even better sense of humor, both of which I think we can all appreciate.

I did drop a line to the contact email on the channel’s About page but haven’t heard back. They’re probably too busy setting up the next round of small-scale racing, which I’m OK with.


Hat tip to Garrett!

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You know, I enjoy the motorsport for what it is. But I really hate that they glamorize the wrecks in this. They show them in the previews. They highlight them in the marketing. The announcers even say “if you’re looking for big wrecks, you’re in the right spot.”

These are real die cast people’s lives they’re talking about here, and glamorizing wrecks where these people could be seriously injured or killed doesn’t do anything positive for the sport.

They need to take an example from Marbula One. Sure wrecks happen there, it’s racing, they’re going to happen. But the camera doesn’t focus on the wrecks. The wrecks aren’t part of the advertising. The racing is the spectacle to watch there.