These Custom Motorcycles Want To Create The Ultimate Man-Machine Union

Creating handmade exotic street bikes for nearly 25 years, Confederate Motors is offering a sneak peak at the updated Hellcat and Wraith motorcycles as well as a glimpse at the all new P51 Fighter.

With a production schedule of only 50 bikes per year, the craftsman at Confederate are given the chance to express an individual creativity to make these vehicles the ultimate expression of American rebellion while still creating the most pure interface between a man and his two-wheeled machine.


The X132 Hellcat Speedster gets a complete makeover into the Hellcat Combat without a single forged or cast part in favor of completely hand-made bits. Toss in a plethora of carbon fiber and a high tech engine block milled from a solid block of aluminum and a machine of equal parts power, strength and beauty is formed.

2015 also marks the entry of a new bike dubbed the Fighter. Confederate’s website give very little detail about the bike other than that a new P51 version will be introduced this year. Cool Hunting has been kind enough to get an early look and leak some small bits of information and what appears to be a change in the naming convention when head designer, Pierre Terblanche reveals the name to be F120 interaction from the previous P120 Fighter.


Check out this behind-the-scenes look from Cool Hunting to hear founder Matt Chamber’s philosophy on what building bikes should be and see what goes on inside the Confederate headquarters.

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