These Cars Are More Fun To Drive Than You'd Ever Expect

 Image credit: Nissan
Image credit: Nissan
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Despite what we think we know about cars, they can still manage to surprise us with how well they drive. That’s why we shouldn’t be so quick to write one off, despite how it looks on paper.


Last week, I asked you guys which car you did not expect to love driving. The answers pretty much ranged within cars that you’d initially think were bland, boring or dull. But they weren’t!

For me, it was my grandma’s 1995 Volvo 850. Literal grandma car. But she was there to loan me her car when I still had my provisional driver’s license and couldn’t go anywhere on my own. So we drove around in that blue-green front-wheel drive Volvo.

As a kid in the back seat, the car always seemed slow and had a funny smell because of the cloth interior, but behind the wheel it was an absolute hoot. There was hardly any power, but it sounded like a real sports car because of the buzzy five-cylinder engine. It was light on its feet and delighted in being chucked in and out of corners. I was genuinely sad when it died on the road one day and she traded it in for a Honda CR-V.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, then, at the number of you on here who swear that a Toyota Prius is actually great fun. You have me second-guessing the hell out of life, but this makes me hopeful. It’s proof that not all cars are soulless appliances.

Dacia Duster (Jonee)

I saw so many of these in Iceland and I was jealous because I wanted to try it out.


A Manual Honda Accord (Karfreek (can’t disguise his hate for all things Mustang))

I gotta get into one of these Accords!


Mini Cooper S (James)

Bite-sized fun.


Toyota! Prius! (MCOBigBen)

They don’t deserve the hate.


Perodua Kelisa (Shift-Lah!)

Ahhh it’s so cute!


The Geo Metro “RallyMetro” (shop-teacher)

Fifty-eight horsepower. Wow.


There’s An AMG Better Than The Best M5 (Cornelius Van)

As a C32 owner, you don’t need to convince me, buddy.


Plymouth Caravan (TheLateApx)

Use the kids.


Toyota Avalon (Ssfancyfresh)

Amazingly, you’re not alone on this one. Good throttle response and acceleration, huh?


The Most-Unloved Ford Mustang GT (dannyzabolotny)

Little V8s are a force to be reckoned with.


Nissan Juke (norsairius)

Being different is good.

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Someone was surprised a Cooper S is fun to drive? That’s the whole point of the car.