These Are The Car Parts That Are OK To Cheap Out On

Image credit: Razor512/Flickr
Image credit: Razor512/Flickr

There are certain things in life you shouldn’t cut corners on. Surgery comes to mind. Tattoos: another good answer. Absolutely for toilet paper and sushi. But you don’t need to pay top dollar for some of the things for your car.


Last week, I asked you guys which car parts were alright to cheap out on. And let me be clear: “cheap out on” doesn’t mean buying the lowest-grade stuff. You still want quality. It just doesn’t have to break the bank. Find a good deal.

Most of you said that as long as that part doesn’t play an integral part in stopping or moving the car (tires, brakes, suspension, transmission, etc.), it was okay to save a little money here and there. Keep in mind, though, that doing research and reading reviews is the best thing you can do beforehand.

So! Which car parts did you guys think were the most acceptable to go a little cheaper on? Let’s see.

P&W (case-sensitive and Jack8745)

Sometimes what came out of the box is best.


Noise (LAF1Fans)

I thought the answer was to cut everything off?


Wheels (Yuni Kitadai)

Don’t go for the questionable metals.


Happy Medium (msnovtue)

Do your own research.


For The Daily (LionZoo)

Brake fluid and wipers.


The Important Stuff (Rosin)

Couldn’t agree more, buddy.


While We’re On The Topic (TheLateApx)



Oil Filters (Mattwrotethis)

Get to the source.


Expensive =/= Better (geolemon)

But if you do believe expensive is always better, what are you doing here?


Octane Booster (Vortex Garage)

There’s a spectrum.


93 Octane (slicks30)

Yeah! Nitwits!


Don’t Waste Your Money (matthewp)

Keep an eye out for this.


Brake Rotors (Tommy861)

My minivan has drilled and slotted rotors.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.



You’re wrong about the brake rotors. I say stick with OE. Duralast rotors are made with cheap steel and warp in a year. Honda rotors last ten years (at least on my car). Your call.