These Awesome Jack Stands Will Transform The Way You Work On Your Car

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If you're not a professional mechanic, odds are you don't have a four-post lift in your garage. In fact, you probably don't have a garage at all and need to work on things in the driveway or supermarket parking lot. Fortunately, these jack stands convert any space into a makeshift workshop in about five minutes.


One of the biggest issues when you're in the middle of an ambitious project is access and space. If you have a lowered car or need to do something that requires lots of clearance from underneath, like installing a new exhaust, driveline, or transmission, every inch counts. That's why these collapsible, 4-post jack stands, by Lift Stand, Inc. seem like such a great idea: they give you way more working room than any stand you can buy at a local auto parts store, and eliminate the very real risk of stands failing and turning you into a stain on your own driveway. Here's a video of the stands in action:

Pricing and ordering information oddly isn't available on their website, but through the power of Google, I found a few internet forums where the price is revealed to be $260 shipped per pair, or $520 shipped for a set of four. They're not the cheapest tools to buy, but when thousands of pounds are literally suspended inches above your head, it's best not to cheap out.


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