These Automatically-Reversing Seats On Japanese Trains Are The Best

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Everyone! Hey everyone! It's official. As in, I, me, have just declared these automatically-reversing seats on a Japanese train to be the new Best Thing Ever. Why hasn't America, home of achievements like the iPad and the Apollo program and the KFC Double Down, not thought of this???


(Probably because we're all too busy working on that last invention.)

In case it's not clear from the video above, when this train in Japan pulls into the terminal for its last stop on the run, instead of turning the train around, or having all the seats face backwards, or having some seats face backwards and some seats face forwards like the Manichean delusion that is the American method of rail travel, the seats themselves all switch.


It is brilliant, genius, and many other accolades besides.

Also, it's probably a bit heavier and more complex and thus prone to a relatively distinct lack of reliability, compared to most non-moving seats.


But I don't care. I love solutions that solve problems that everyone acknowledges, but no one actually ever bothers to spend time fixing. This is just better.