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We love our cars. As much as we like to think that they’ll be there for us forever, sometimes that just isn’t the case.

Last week, I asked you for your saddest “stuck on the side of the road” stories. Some were truly terrible and nightmarish. But some had happy endings! I suppose it’s all about perspective.

I’m sure at the time, it was terrible being in these situations. But now you can laugh about them over a beer. Or a glass of wine. Or whatever.

Just Keep Driving (dartingd)

Just because you stopped doesn’t mean other drivers will.

Nothing And Nowhere (Eshameh)

They see me rollin’.

New Relationship (Arbitrary and Capricious)

This is the stuff from which life partnerships are made.

Classic Mini (gotlightsaber)

Always carry extra fuel.

Before And After (Aaron)

Well, at least you have a story now.

Burnout (Lokiparts)

You mean AWD cars don’t do burnouts?

Heat (LegsMalone)

Drive, sit, cool. Rinse and repeat.

The XJ That Got Away (Beeramid Scheme)

Sorry about the car, buddy.

Bad Things Happen In... Fives (norsairius)

Hindsight is 20/20.

RV Problems (Pibbs says once you go Swede)

The most nightmarish of car troubles.

Axeman (Jumbojeepman)

You must have been relieved when the cell phone was invented.

Enterprise (Green Knight)

Filed under: rental stories.

Rockin’ Van (Pepperz)

Jankiness pays sometimes.