A driving school vehicle driven by a student driver moves through traffic on a highway in Tucker, Ga. Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2007. Image credit: Gene Blythe/AP Images

My time with Driver’s Ed and logging those hours with the instructor to get my permit were largely uneventful. Which I guess is sort of the experience that you want. Nobody screamed at me ever because there was nothing to scream at. This wasn’t always the case with you guys.

Last week, I asked you guys for you best student driver stories.

Terrible experiences? Amazing experiences? Memories that you’ll carry with you forever? Let’s find out.

One Eye (j5swim)

Extra stress for ya.

Mom! (JDockstader)

Mother knows best.

Caught On Tape (Just_Slayin)

Try and disprove that one.

Real Car (SylenThunder)

None of that ecobox bullshit.

Family Affair (Salmanorguk)

Track that progress.

Dead Cow (Scotty J)

“I dare you.”

Third Time’s The Charm (Cyrus Ramsey wishes he’d thought this through)

Hey, congratulations!

Teacher (AlsoKnownAsRukh)

I bet you have so many stories.

Another Teacher (Fight the machine)

I feel like so much of this is just logic.

Fine Print (TheRevanchist)

I’m not sure how to feel about this one.

Muscle Development (willzyx)

You try driving one of these!

Pass (LTT)

Christ, that sounds terrifying.

Empty (Ash78, thanks for all the fish, 2002-2017)

Playing mind games has its perks, I guess.