These Are Your Most Ridiculous Stories Of Getting Cars Stuck

Photo: Daryl (left) and zeontestpilot (right)
Photo: Daryl (left) and zeontestpilot (right)
CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

Last week, we asked readers “What’s the worst you’ve ever gotten your car stuck?” and the responses were absolutely insane. Here are the best ones.


As an avid off-road enthusiast, I’ve gotten my vehicles stuck countless times, so naturally I’ve got some good stories to go along with these experiences. But even my best stories don’t compare to those of some Jalopnik readers. Check them out:

The Car Is Still Stuck After 15 Years (kotton)

One of the wildest stories was submitted by kotton, who took his K5 Blazer off-road 15 years ago, and had to ditch the truck after getting really stuck. It still sits there today.


Stuck On The Edge Of An Iraqi Ravine In A Humvee

Daryl’s story was actually scary. The poor guy was hanging off a cliff in a heavy HMMWV, and couldn’t leave the car for fear that, if he let off the brake pedal, the car would plunge into the depths.

Birthing A Calf In Exchange For A Tow

Lizey68 was driving his Dodge Ram in the snow of Northern Michigan. When the truck got stuck, he had to help a farmer birth a calf in exchange for a tow. The farmer’s truck also got stuck, and, well, you can read the rest:


Sometimes, All You Need Is One Spanish Word

Timothy Burke’s was in Panama with his family when he got his rental car stuck. Luckily, his mother-in-law came in clutch with her single-word Spanish vocabulary.


Peeing In Soda Bottles In A PT Cruiser

Driving a PT Cruiser is bad enough, but trying to wrangle one after it has hit a patch of black ice only to then get stuck and have to wait an hour and a half in 10 degree weather while peeing in soda bottles? That’s the very definition of hell.


Stuck 12 Miles From Cell Phone Signal

Clutchman83's story is a prime example of why you should never off-road alone. He got stuck in the middle of nowhere, and had to walk 12 miles before calling a friend for help.


You Parked Where?!

I can almost feel BLCKSTRM’s frustration in this story. After getting his 1984 Suburban stuck and laboriously digging it out, BLCKSTRM realized he could have been rescued hours earlier had it not been for one darned parking job.


Always Listen To The Wife

nth256's manhood was on the line as he struggled to get his front-drive Jeep Patriot unstuck from a Texas lakebed. In the end, the wife had all the answers.


Where’d The Axle Go? (Fox’s friend “Mud Bunny”)

Fox doesn’t need words to tell his or her story. Pictures of the carnage are enough.


If you’ve got a good story about getting your car stuck, feel free to share it. It’s a muddy, snowy, sandy, rocky world out there ready to stop your car in its tracks.


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