These Are the Terrible Cars You Wish Never Existed

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Cars are usually good, but sometimes, they are very, very Bad. I had a feeling y’all would have some strong feelings about what cars the world would have been better without. And you most certainly did not disappoint.


This, my friends, is a gallery of pain. This is a gallery of the automotive industry’s worst nightmares. This is a gallery that is probably going to piss you off, but we’re all going to revel in the pain and leave plenty of comments about how bad some people have messed up.

Cross Out (vbranis)

Jack of all trades, master of none

But Specifically, Chevy Trax (WingaDingaDingaDingaDinga)


It’s just Sad on Wheels

Ban Brodozers (Kim Jong - Healthy)

Just freakin’ ban ‘em


Just Peachy (Duke of Kent)

That’s honestly just a slap in the face


Ranger Danger (For Sweden)

It’s the worst of both worlds


Mall-Military Chic (Serolf Divad)

The best part about the Hummer is when it stopped being a thing


Pointless Points (Dave C.)

This was the start of something truly awful


Uninspired (zeropointzero)

This is one of those cars you forget about five seconds after you see it


Don’tsun (onlytwowheels)

They took everything good about a hatchback and just made it So Very Bad


Misery’s Company (mallthus)

This is a car for people who hate everything fun about cars


Rolling Road Blocks (300Returns)

A plague on our good people


Apocalypse Ambulance (Berang)

This is one terrifyingly ugly beast.


Electric Takes (curbwatching)

The bad way a company markets a car is enough to make them undriveable


Lap of Luxury (andyindividual)

I’ve never understood how the terms “luxury” and “utility” can blend in any cohesive manner


Does Anyone Actually Like Priuses? (InfiniteAntar)

Asking for a friend

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Mercedes Streeter

I feel like this article is sorta in poor taste?

I like the Prius. For those who just want unbeatable city fuel economy and aren’t car enthusiasts (we aren’t the only folks in the world, ya know), the Prius is a fine choice. I’ve ridden in and driven a few, they aren’t nearly as bad as the Internet says they are.

The Camry is another confusing choice for the same reasons. Not every car needs to be able to rip around the ‘Ring in 6 minutes and make you feel like Lewis Hamilton or something. For a sedan that transports people from A to Z with little issue, in relative comfort, last a decently long time without racking up repair bills, and for not too much dough, a Camry is not a bad choice.

Shoot, half of these responses are just hating on the drivers of these cars. I’m pretty sure if all you got is “it feels boring” and “driven 10 under the limit by old people” in reality it’s probably a fine car for 98% of the car buying population. I promise you, the buying public who actually matters does not give a darn if the steering is numb or not. They’re okay with CVTs, they don’t care what it could do at VIR, and don’t care what their skidpad numbers are...if they even know what a skidpad is. Does offending car enthusiasts make them bad cars? Of course not.