These Are The Ten Hardest To Park Cars In The World

Some cars were not designed with parking high on the priority lists. With these ten, it is safer to just keep going when you see a tight spot.

10.) Mitsubishi Eclipse


It's that damn wing that's smaller than the one in 2 Fast 2 Furious, but still too big according to Highball!:

I'm a service adviser at a small indy shop, so that means I'm often someone who moves the cars around either into the garage or park them.

Outside of the obvious like the contractor vans and city work trucks, the absolutely worst car visibility wise to me is a customers 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The rear is very tall so the rear window gives you a great view of the spoiler and not much else.

The Spyder is even worse.

Suggested By: Highball!

9.) BMW E65


Any BMW, right? Well, don't let the asshats fool you, but the E65 would be doomed without its parking sensors. Kyle Cromer:

My first job as a teenager was working in the maintenance/service department of a local BMW dealership, right around the time these came out. I remember vividly detesting having to park, wash, and detail these things in the narrow lanes and close quarters of a service/backlot at the dealership. They were so wide that they just fit in the automatic car wash we had on sight. They were so long that they stuck out of parking spaces on the dealership lot and had to be avoided at all costs.

A lot of them had faulty iDrive units (this was the first use of that system. Good lord, it was bad), so sometimes they would cut off (Yes, I mean completely off) mid-maneuver. Don't let that green house fool you either, the seats and D-pillar made for GINORMOUS blind spots and you knowing where the corners were took Professor X levels of mutant telepathic ability.


Suggested By: Kyle Cromer a.k.a XYCromersome

8.) Chevrolet Camaro


Don't believe it? Rent one for a day! Chairman Kaga:

It's wider than you think, the hood obstructs views of the corners, there's zero rear visibility, absolutely no blind spot visibility, it's got huge wheels and fat tires that inhibit agility. My brother basically refuses to park anywhere but the far reaches of any parking lot for fear of being trapped, causing an accident, or running over a child.

Makes parking a Suburban look like a pic-a-nic.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga

7.) Phantom Corsair


I know what you're thinking. It's not a production car, so it doesn't matter. Fair enough, but Rust Heinz wanted to put the Corsair into series production, only to get sabotaged by his own sudden death. Just imagine these things hitting the streets! MKIV_GTI_Turbo sums it up:

Tiny windows, a god that's measured in the length of sports fields, and rear visibility only bested by Italian exotics.


Suggested By:MKIV_GTI_Turbo

6.) Buick Riviera


One word: distortions. Green Pig:

Long hood with a fragile, protruding grille section, low seating position and limited visibility thanks to the extra complications of a pointy tail and wrap-around rear window that distorted the rear view.


Suggested By: Green Pig

5.) Chevrolet Suburban


cazzyodo's mom could handle it. The rest of the world? Not so much.


My mom hit ours into everything.

Luckily my dad owned a body shop, and she drove the early 90's version which was cheaper to replace and repaint than fix. Somehow she hit pylons everywhere, ie trying to get into the car wash.


Suggested By: cazzyodo

4.) Cadillac Fleetwood


The game is called Judging the Distance.

Suggested By: 8trackback

3.) Ford GT


This comes from a personal experience. spitfire74:

Ford GT's are genuinely park because they can't go in most spaces. if there's a car next to your driver door, you can't get out because the roof comes away from the car with the door when it opens. If you can't open the door the entire way, there's essentially a roof above you outside the car.



From experience, parking one of these sucks because the mirrors are too small, and the only thing visible through the back is that ENGINE. Super wide car + super limited visibility. Do the math.


Suggested By: spitfire74

2.) Lamborghini Countach

Zero rear visibility, heavy steering and clutch, the turning radius of the moon and no room for your shoes.


Suggested By: willkinton247

1.) Maserati MC12


Everything about the Lamborghini Countach squared.

Suggested By: Whatisthatsound

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Top Photo Credit: Lamborghini

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