These Are The Racing Rules You Hate The Most

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They say it’s the things you love that come back to hurt you in the end. When it comes to racing, sometimes it seems like all that “hurt” comes from a gang of the No Fun Police barging in and mandating a whole bunch of rules and regulations that require this balls-to-the-wall sport to refrain from indecent exposure, thank you very much.

Last week, I asked you guys to tell me what you consider to be the stupidest rules in motorsport. I knew y’all were going to be irked by something—because honestly, who isn’t? And you guys really aired your frustrations.

The only downside is that now I think I found more rules to be annoyed at.

NASCAR Disaster (that_s_weird)

I think we’re all with you on this one.


We Like It Loud (CarsofFortLangley)

What’s the point of racing if you can’t feel the noise?

Pit Pit Pit (Firenze Storm)

Why don’t the FIA hop in the car and drive it themselves if they wanna tell everyone how to do it?


Power Down (iconic four door)

I personally disagree but neither of us make the rules


Spoiler Alert (Turbineguy)

It hasn’t been the same since then


To The Left To The Left (CommodoreFlushington)

Things would be so much more interesting if half the cars drove clockwise and the other half went counterclockwise.


Get That Clean Burn (Ryborg)

I’ve been dying to see active aero in use for AGES.


Fuelless (blackcar14, now with less blackcar)

Fuel strategy would keep things more interesting.


Ban Boost (AutoBox, Roll Out!)

As a massive Formula E fan right from the start..... fuck FanBoost.


Joke Laps (Peterd190)

I can’t understand why they would implement these for a circuit race????


Fill ‘Er Up (OUScooby)

Honestly, anything that would introduce some more strategy into F1 would be welcome at this point.


Is It Even Competition? (Chris Furlough)

The only series I approve of having competition cautions is Stadium Super Trucks.


Engine Failure (InfiniteAntar)

This is one of those rules that backfired real hard. Poor Honda.

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Has anyone at any time said “Screw the consequences, let’s have an entirely unregulated race” in some motorsport?

The old argument is usually that without regulations, cars would go too fast and get too expensive.

First of all it seems to be a rule of the universe that there is always at least two competitors fighting for a niche. One dominant and one underdog, trading blows. So I guess we’d have like Porsche vs Mercedes and nothing else in this particular racing class. Fine with me.

As for “too fast” - wouldn’t it be the drivers arbitrating this? I know they are a special kind of crazy, but I think they would develop opinions like “I’d prefer to reach goal rather than lead for most for the race and then die”.

Like “I nearly went airborne on the straight. Can I have a bit more downforce to make up for it in the curves and lose some top speed, please?”