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These Are The Most Expensive Ways To Cross America

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Have you ever gotten in a cab and wondered how much it would cost if you just had the driver keep going until they ran out of land? Of course you have. If you live in America, I’m sure you’ve either crossed the country at some point, or at least wondered about it. Have you ever wondered what the most expensive way to do that would be? I sure have, which is why I made this chart.


I’m pretty sure this chart contains the most expensive yet theoretically possible ways to cross the country. I’m assuming a trip from New York City to Los Angeles, a distance of about 2,451 miles, or 2,813 driving miles. This chart makes the assumptions that, somehow, you’re able to persuade the cabbie or pedicab-driver or balloonist to actually take you on the trip, at just their usual rates. You’re very persuasive.

So, the costs of the trips are computed by average rates based on information I found online. A hot-air balloon ride, for example, seems rated at $1000/hr for a chartered flight, which this would be. NYC taxis have set rates ($2.50+ daily 50¢ surcharge, 50¢ per 1/5 mile), and limos tend to be by the hour, which is why, surprisingly, they’re a better deal than taxis.


For more details about how I computed the costs, read the notes at the bottom there.

I hope this chart is useful for you savvy travelers! I bet many of you will opt to take a party bus instead of a pedicab across country after reading this, because you’re smart, informed consumers.

Happy travels!

Illustration for article titled These Are The Most Expensive Ways To Cross America

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Show me a legit hotel room that is only $50 for a night? Legit meaning you have a low chance of murder when walking outside, won’t find needles or roaches in the bed, etc.