These Are The Italian Treasures Left To Rot By Fiat In 1986

Welcome to the late eighties, at Alfa Romeo's historic Portello Factory in Milan. Fiat just took over the whole company, and the last employee was transferred to the Arese Plant in Lombardy. They left a mess.

The Portello Plant was Alfa Romeo's first factory opened in 1908. The 86,111 square feet facility gave home to everything from the 1910 24 HP up until the Giulia in 1962. Before that, but after taking some heavy damage during the war, the heads at the office tried to get back on track by building small series cars or even a Renault Dauphine with Alfa Romeo badges. Still, at least the mensa was good.


When the market got back to normal, the former Arese offices were turned into a full grown modern factory in the early sixties since Portello couldn't be extended anymore, and in 1965, the Giulia's production was transferred to Arese as well, making the old factory a place kept alive only by engineering, prototypes, parts production and some paperwork.

The last nail in the coffin was Fiat's takeover in 1986, after which the plant was given to the City of Milan, who eventually demolished this significant building to make space for the construction of a new residential and commercial district. The only problem was that when the bulldozers came in 2004, there were still usable machines, half finished prototypes and lots of papers inside, as Fiat left in quite a hurry. We'll never know what was lost there.

Looking at the pictures, I'm pretty sure something interesting was.


Photo credit: waltermo and Alfaromeo75

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