Laws are designed to keep the peace, maintain order and establish safety in a society. Sounds good. But sometimes the laws are so illogical that they make no sense at all.

Earlier this month, I asked you guys for the dumbest automotive laws in your areas. Can’t drive with a live chicken in the car? All groceries must be stored in the trunk? All four wheels must match?

I wanted to hear some truly strange and far-fetched local laws. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Brazilian Breathalyzer (edu-petrolhead)

How does one breathalyze the departed?

Hawaii Sounds... Nice (mino)

Goddamn, dude!

I’m Not Drinking This, I Promise (Engineer_I_am)

Throw your jacket over it, hide it from view.

All Hands And Feet At All Times (Syscrush)

Stopping would be interesting.

Consistency (ateamfan42)

We’re looking for consistency here, folks.

No Mods Ever (Vinícius Gouveia)

Better hope the cop knows what’s stock and what’s not.

Helmets (So Shiney. So Chrome! So Frunky)


Memphis (ninjagin)

Oh, uh. Hm.

Live Free Or Die, I Guess (As Du Volant)


Pickups (panthercougar)

To be fair, the front seat is way more dangerous than the bed.

Front Plates (Lotus289)

Either we all require them or we don’t.

Selling (sschwing)

So much yes.

Always Amber, Never Red (SlabSheetrock)

Avoids confusion.

Sunday (My231)

The day of rest.

Dead Horse (Infinite_Rkitekt)

Noted. Thanks.

NEW JERSEY!! (Istillcallitshea)

We pump our fists not our gas.